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Canuck Insight

A young, unprofessional, Canadian point of view on the world at large.

30 August
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H2Y is an 19 year old Canadian who has not made much thought for herself or her future, but is considering either a career in middle-school teaching or journalism in the past. She now considers a career within the trades or the Canadian military. She currently resides in Southern Ontario, and proclaims her political standing to be "whatever sounds like the best choice at the time". She can neither define herself as liberal or conservative, but rather as on the fence in quite a lot of things in life. H2Y created this blog in order to get out her frustrations at politics in both Canada and America, and other countries when the fancy so strikes her. She realized she needed this after a rant where she wrote a wall of text on a forum and realized that maybe people didn't want to read that... so they should be given a choice to read it if they want to, and she should keep the political rants to herself.