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Résistance Internationaliste


Later today I read a story about a bomb that was set off at a Canadian Forces recruitment office in Trois-Rivières, Quebec. Needless to say, I like several other viewers thought it was one of two things; Muslim extremists, or Quebec extremists.

I hate when my suspicions are correct in these cases.

Now we have a group taking blame for it; la Résistance Internationaliste. For those not well-versed in French, that translates to Internationalist Resistance. The full name for the group could also be Initiative de résistance internationaliste, or the Internationalist Resistance Initiative. But as of now, they are calling themselves the Résistance Internationaliste. May I add that I'm getting really annoyed with both copying and pasting the name and switching my keyboard from US English to Canadian French for the accents by now? I haven't done this much french writing since my Grade 11 French class...

The group (may I just refer to it as the Internationaliste?) claimed to La Presse (a newspaper in Quebec) that it is "against the militaristic ideals and practices of the Canadian state." They also stand for ensuring "that political, economic and military powers cannot continue their enterprise of indoctrination justifying their imperialist venture, without impunity."

Now, all of this seems well and good, other then the extreme measures of blowing up an office building to make a point. But then as I read through the article, I caught something.

"The soldiers of the Canadian Army, let it be very clear, they are not 'ours', they belong to the one to whom they foolishly pledge allegiance, Her Majesty Elisabeth II."

......... what. Oh christ. It's the FLQ.

For those that don't know, although I've mentioned the FLQ before, they were a resistance group in the early seventies that took two political hostages and caused Trudeau to invoke martial law to get the figures back. At least that's the general gist. However, not only were they a violent extremist group, they also lost their validity exponentially with the writing of the Constitution Act, 1982. We became our own seperate country, with but a nod of the head to Mummy England when we wanted something. Otherwise, she's here as merely tradition, and while quite a few Canadians love our Queen or are at least impartial to our Queen, she does not have an involvement in our lives other then rubber-stamping our new laws.

Our army is not owned by Her Majesty, nor is it owned by those who "foolishly pledge allegiance" to Her Majesty. That's quite a bit like saying that those who own the American army owe allegiance to Her Majesty because they just so happened to have her countrymen entrenched in their history and founding. We prefer to have her sign our laws out of tradition but we're our own free country.

We gave you bilingualism. We gave you your culture. We've practically written the wrongs of the past. I only see this group as a group of spoiled little below-20 brats who would like to blow stuff up and call it in the name of justice, or old farts who can't let go and realize that they're not going to get their independence because they're not willing to take what's rightfully theirs and nothing more; a strip of land across the St. Lawrence River, and a crapload of debt that's partially covered by the Canadian government.

Get over yourselves separatists. You're getting old.

The group is so insignificant in their attempts too. In 2004, they blew up a hydro tower right before Bush came to visit. In 2006, an oil exec's car in Lorraine. Now they've graduated to government buildings.


I've never even heard of Trois-Rivières before today! Or Lorraine!

That almost proves my theory; bunch of little boys with explosive toys who need a spanking. And to pay some clean-up fees.