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Writer's Block: MAKE IT STOP!

What was the last song you couldn't get out of your head no matter how hard you tried?

F*ck You - Cee Lo Green


The right to privacy is no more.

Today I left the house to go to the store to pick up some groceries for my family. Now, this is usually an everyday thing, but today I was in a pondering mood, oddly enough. I went up to the checkout with my things, and the thing that caught my eye the closest was an article about Courtney Cox's separation from her husband.

That wasn't the only thing I saw though. John Travolta cheating. Angelina Jolie apparently letting her kids curse in French and watch R-Rated films. Prince Charles' wife picking on her stepson's bride.

Who the fuck cares?

It's disgusting really. All of these writers who seem to think that snooping on other people's dysfunctional lives is a good thing. The more disgusting thing is that there was someone who actually bought the magazine featuring Angelina Jolie.

Why do you care what these people do, ladies and gentlemen? They're exactly the same as the neighbour on your street that is having an affair with another man, and the father who's gotten CFS called on them because their kid happened to have turned up (like an idiot) at school with cat piss on their jacket.

What they do is none of our business. Let them handle their own marital/family problems.

But no. Privacy is overrated. I came home from the store, went upstairs, and booted up cbc.ca. There on the front page right now is an article that is absolutely horrendous to think about, and I don't wish to comment on it, as it involves the story of one of our Canadian soldiers sexually assaulting and killing his female underlings... disgusting, but not what I want to talk about.

What I do want to talk about though was also on the front page and a link in the Technology and Science section.

Google breached Canada's privacy laws


Now, I admit, Google Maps is a handy tool. In fact, my family is currently preparing to move, so instead of driving to see the neighbourhood of which they're looking at, my parents use Google Maps to see the neighbourhood. Which is pretty clever. I like that feature.

But pray tell, can anyone tell this ignorant little girl why this quote was even something to be brought up?

"Google admitted it had gathered the information in a number of countries in a blog posting in April and said it had done so unintentionally. The company's cars inadvertently scanned and gathered information from unencrypted Wi-Fi networks that they drove by, Google said.

What was it doing trying to access those networks in the first place? What was going through their heads? Google says that they did it by accident and that they reported themselves, but what was Google's cars doing even accessing that in the first place?

I just don't get it... why is nothing private anymore?

Whoa. Back the fuck up guys and calm down.

Well, I'm back from a long hiatus.I felt that I was becoming too biased against one side of the spectrum and it depressed me. So I'll start it up again, but today from a little bit of a different twist. (NEW PIC. =D I LOVE NEW TWISTS!!)

Anyone who friended me from wow_ladies , my apologies but that is what this Livejournal is for; my own political rantings. You'll have to be subject to them. :(

Anyone who doesn't know what WoW_Ladies are, check them out, they're cool people.


Montreal's Brother André becomes a saint

Well, Canada has obtained their first religious saint born in modern day, ladies and gentlemen. I'm not a Christian, but I'd like to give my heartfelt congratulations to all of the Christian Canadians. I've never heard of this man before today, but I can't say that I'm well versed in Christian saints. However, I do realize that most of these people (I won't say all, I don't know their back history) are good people, and it's always better to have good people in the world.

Now, as an agnostic woman, surely someone expects me to support the atheists in that story, commenting and practicing their right to free religion.

I say not.

Let me state why.

I do not support the atheists who are commenting because of comments such as these.

"This may sound childish, but if your character is so weak that you can't make your own decisions about morals and decency without referring to a book of fairytales and an invisible man in the sky, then like you to me, I feel sorry for you."
"I can't believe that in the 21st century people are still gullible enough to buy what the catholic church is selling."

So many so desparated that they will grasp at any religious poo the vatican will toss out to them to hide the real shame. if you read all the comments you will see most of your readers arn't fooled. "

The amount of ignorance people are displaying here is phenominal. This is the faith of these people, ladies and gentlemen. You can't just generalize that. You can't just discredit that. So what if they believe in a guy who created Earth in seven days? So what if they happen to like that there are people who give a shit enough about them to die for their sins? Sure, you and I may not believe, but for them, their faith in a God is as firm in our faith that science created the universe, or that you can't name a higher entity. Don't attack them for something that makes them happy in life for crying out loud.

I see so many ignorant people preaching about ignorance in this thread that it's making me want to spew.

Oh, but not only are us unfaithful at fault. Let's take a look at the Christian side of things.

Now, there's one quote in here that speaks to me... at least partially. Let me put out the portion first that speaks to me.

"If you don't believe in God, or any form of spirituality, that's your choice, and I'm fine with that.

It's when you go out of your way to belittle the beliefs of others that really shows your true colours."

YES. Thank you! That's exactly what I was thinking!!!

Let's look at that quote in full though.

What I don't get is why so many non-believers even chose to read this article, let alone took the time is post a comment further displaying their ignorance and intolerance.

If you don't believe in God, or any form of spirituality, that's your choice, and I'm fine with that.

It's when you go out of your way to belittle the beliefs of others that really shows your true colours."

..... what? So because I'm a non-believer, I can't read an article about Christianity that interests me? O_o Did you miss the fact that Brother André was not only named because he was a good Christian, but because he was a good bloke? Maybe I wanted to read an article that wasn't about war or politics or the shitty economy or the oodles of other depressing news that the news media seems to like to put out because we lap it up like dogs?

Another quote that spoke to me, right up until I read all of it.

"One thing for sure is that he was a very good man as shown by his life works.

In Canada we have the freedom to believe or not. But you have to question why so many non-believers choose to spew their hatred of religion and their people. "

Okay. This guy's cool. We have the freedom to believe. I like you, you speak to me. But wait. Why do 'non-believers choose to spew their hatred of religion'?

"IMO this is a reflection of the non-believers empty lives and their search for the truth that evades them."

............. No..... don't generalize us all. We don't have truth that is evading us. We have our belief. Not all atheists/agnostics lead empty lives. I am quite content with my boyfriend of nearly two years, my family, my friends and my future to support me and be my pillar of strength. I choose that since our higher deity will not come to us in a definitive way (and up until God shows up on our doorsteps with a microphone yelling "HI GUYS!!!".... no. Not a definitive way.), I will place my strength in my family and humanity. I believe that humanity can do great things. How they choose to do those things, and what is their motivation, is up to every individual. I find my truth in that.

"I've been a reader and commenter on this website for years now, and I do have to say one thing.

I have NEVER seen a Christian insult Atheism for their lack of belief.

I CONSTANTLY see Atheists or Agnostics insult Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc for their beliefs.

See, I am a Christian, but I never, ever insult, degrade, or ridicule others for their beliefs. The VAST majority of Christians, Muslims, Jews, and people of all faiths are the same way. I believe what I believe, and if you want to know why, buy me a beer and we'll talk.

But please, if your position towards religion is so weak that you feel you need to resort to hurling childish insults to prop up your position, then I feel bad for you."

Unfortunately dear boy, I have to disagree.

Look at the people around you.

Everyone's insulting everyone, because if you don't believe the same stuff that your opponent does, then your opponent is a moron. That's the definition of intelligence.

But, in other news, congratulations to the soul of Brother André. Wherever you are, with whatever thing you're with, I hope that you appreciate this nod. If you're of the Christian belief, it's a gigantic honor.

The news article explains it all, and I am one of the thousands canceling my account.

^ The US thread.

My arguments are buried somewhere in the 1400 pages yelling out "No don't do it". I'm one of those people. But almost all of those negative comments reflect how I feel about this.

Thanks for the betrayal of trust Blizzard. I'm too pissed at you, the company I trusted for three years, to even write a proper critique.

More later.

New topic demands NEW ICON!~

So yeah, as I said, new topic demands new icon. Props if you get the quote; Martin Billany did pretty damn well for himself with YGO Abridged. Props to him too.

Today's topic is about an old article I was reading. Occasionally when I'm bored, I look up different people or events in history and read their Wikipedia articles; today's search started when I saw an article about Queen Elizabeth attending the Queen's Plate today, which made me go on Wikipedia, which made me click from Her Majesty to Princess Diana to Elton John to Ellen DeGeneres to Oprah Winfrey. Huh. One rich lady to another rich lady. I can smell the money already.

When looking on Oprah's Wiki article, I saw a citation to a certain amount of criticism from Bill O'Reilly. Oprah apparently went and visited Denmark, and while there she was admiring the Danish way of life. Free health care, free education, and when a citizen is released from their job, they earn 90% of their previous job's salary for the next four years. Bill O'Reilly featured this segment on his show, The O'Reilly Factor. The segment? "What's Behind Oprah's Love of Demark?"


Well, disregarding the fact that public riddicule of another's beliefs is... really getting old.... y'know what, let's not even go there. That's a rant for another time. Margaret Hoover and Gretchen Carlson joined Bill O'Reilly on the show to discuss this apparent love for Denmark, and at least they get straight to the point.

GRETCHEN CARLSON, "FOX & FRIENDS" CO-HOST: I would say, who wouldn't be giddy when you find out that you get free health care, free education, four years of payment at 90 percent even after you lose your job, until you read the fine print, which is at the bottom of the document, which says oh, by the way, Danes pay the highest income tax of anyone in the entire world.

Now now, back up. Income tax is not necessarily a bad thing here. I come from a country where we pay GST (General Sales Tax) and PST (Provincial Sales Tax) on everything we buy. Where I live, we pay 14%. Granted, this tax has nothing on Denmark.

CARLSON: It's definitely over 50 percent.

So, 50% is a little pricey. I'll admit that, but let me take a look at this this way, from the point of view of a person with free healthcare.

If I were to become fatally ill tomorrow, my family does not have a thousand dollar debt on their shoulders. They don't have to worry for a second about whether they'll be able to afford to keep me on life support. The only thing they have to worry about is if I so happen to request a bit of TV or a private room. Y'know, frivolties, something that I can live without. My health care system may not be the best in the world, but in the case of emergencies, it gets it done, debt free. Our survival rate is
higher then America- I would get the statistics but I got distracted by an Ann Coulter review on Hannity- (http://www.popmodal.com/video/5680). For those of you who don't remember, canuck-sight.livejournal.com/434.html <-- I'm not a huge fan of Ann Coulter.

Disregarding that however, at least these people don't have a sudden thousands of dollars to pay out. No, they have higher prices, but this is an incredibly gradual rate that they pay back the money needed for the incredible social system. But of course, then you get confronted with this;

O'REILLY: OK. So you pay all your money to the government, and they give it — they kick it back to you, Hoover, in the term of entitlements. But that does provide security for the 5.5 million Danes.

HOOVER: Well, and that's exactly the point. You make a fabulous point. There are 5.5 million Danes.

O'REILLY: Right.

HOOVER: And that's it. We have 300 million people here, Bill.

O'REILLY: Right.

HOOVER: We're bankrupt on our Medicare program as it is. Do you think we could afford to pay 90 percent of people's salaries afterwards?

I'm sorry, back up. 300 million people? Well, let's take a look... 300 million people paying 150% for their general goods... that should equal more money, am I correct? Not to mention those with higher tax brackets, at least in Canada, pay the government when it comes to income tax time- that's why we have so many damn cases of tax evasion. I'm 90% sure this is the case in America as well. So those with higher incomes pay higher taxes to help their fellow man. Hm. Interesting.

Now, some Americans may ask me this question, especially those who are concerned about illegal immigrants; how do you keep those who aren't citizens from riding the system? Simple. In this country, I have to take out my provincial health card, which proves that I am not only a citizen of Canada but eligible for health care, and I have to present that when the subject of payment comes up. As soon as I wave around that thing, instant gratification, and as forementioned, I only pay for the frivoloties I took part in while in hospital.

Did I mention our population went up to 34 million? That's right. About seven times more the population then Denmark.

Next point.

O'REILLY: Oprah? Yeah, she's making $100 million a year, whatever she's making, and she gets 90 percent of that.

She's also paid more taxes as a result. Perhaps a modification on that system that those with higher incomes; over the top incomes, who obviously should have savings, should be better off. Maybe you're not reading the fine print here on this system. Or maybe big names, like Oprah, Bill O'Reilly, etc, SHOULD BE PAID LESS. Y'know, the fact that their only contribution to society is being TV personalities and spouting their opinion/provide entertainment?

Denmark lives a very modest life as well. America lives an extravatagant lifestyle.

Maybe if the countries of the world would recognize that maybe they're being wasteful, America would start feeling happier about free health care, free education and compensation from the government. Even at the "high price".

Résistance Internationaliste


Later today I read a story about a bomb that was set off at a Canadian Forces recruitment office in Trois-Rivières, Quebec. Needless to say, I like several other viewers thought it was one of two things; Muslim extremists, or Quebec extremists.

I hate when my suspicions are correct in these cases.

Now we have a group taking blame for it; la Résistance Internationaliste. For those not well-versed in French, that translates to Internationalist Resistance. The full name for the group could also be Initiative de résistance internationaliste, or the Internationalist Resistance Initiative. But as of now, they are calling themselves the Résistance Internationaliste. May I add that I'm getting really annoyed with both copying and pasting the name and switching my keyboard from US English to Canadian French for the accents by now? I haven't done this much french writing since my Grade 11 French class...

The group (may I just refer to it as the Internationaliste?) claimed to La Presse (a newspaper in Quebec) that it is "against the militaristic ideals and practices of the Canadian state." They also stand for ensuring "that political, economic and military powers cannot continue their enterprise of indoctrination justifying their imperialist venture, without impunity."

Now, all of this seems well and good, other then the extreme measures of blowing up an office building to make a point. But then as I read through the article, I caught something.

"The soldiers of the Canadian Army, let it be very clear, they are not 'ours', they belong to the one to whom they foolishly pledge allegiance, Her Majesty Elisabeth II."

......... what. Oh christ. It's the FLQ.

For those that don't know, although I've mentioned the FLQ before, they were a resistance group in the early seventies that took two political hostages and caused Trudeau to invoke martial law to get the figures back. At least that's the general gist. However, not only were they a violent extremist group, they also lost their validity exponentially with the writing of the Constitution Act, 1982. We became our own seperate country, with but a nod of the head to Mummy England when we wanted something. Otherwise, she's here as merely tradition, and while quite a few Canadians love our Queen or are at least impartial to our Queen, she does not have an involvement in our lives other then rubber-stamping our new laws.

Our army is not owned by Her Majesty, nor is it owned by those who "foolishly pledge allegiance" to Her Majesty. That's quite a bit like saying that those who own the American army owe allegiance to Her Majesty because they just so happened to have her countrymen entrenched in their history and founding. We prefer to have her sign our laws out of tradition but we're our own free country.

We gave you bilingualism. We gave you your culture. We've practically written the wrongs of the past. I only see this group as a group of spoiled little below-20 brats who would like to blow stuff up and call it in the name of justice, or old farts who can't let go and realize that they're not going to get their independence because they're not willing to take what's rightfully theirs and nothing more; a strip of land across the St. Lawrence River, and a crapload of debt that's partially covered by the Canadian government.

Get over yourselves separatists. You're getting old.

The group is so insignificant in their attempts too. In 2004, they blew up a hydro tower right before Bush came to visit. In 2006, an oil exec's car in Lorraine. Now they've graduated to government buildings.


I've never even heard of Trois-Rivières before today! Or Lorraine!

That almost proves my theory; bunch of little boys with explosive toys who need a spanking. And to pay some clean-up fees.

Happy Canada Day!


Mummy England called us a good example! EAT THAT OTHER COUNTRIES! -pose, dance-

On another note, this link is too epic for me not to post it. Has nothing to do with the world... but... Power to the V-Neck Man.


Now to go eat Chinese food to celebrate.... Canada Day. Power to multi-culturalism? O_O?

The president gets to... what now?

Well, for those that don't know it already, (I've not exactly indicated it past my friends and random forums), I play World of Warcraft. Today's the evil day that we players call "Matinence Tuesday" or "Patch Day". On days like this, I either find something else to do with my time or I haunt on the WoW forums, which is always resulting in hillarity on the forums from trolls or the whiners about how "IN MY DAY, WE DI'INT HAVE DEM FANCY THINGS YOU NOOBS HAVE NOW!". Always a treat. But today, instead of haunting on my realm and Cataclysm sections, I decided to go and venture into the Off-Topic section, where I found this.

-- It passed. The Internet is Doomed. -- Korja, Gorefiend

I thought this was going to be something where there were trolls to laugh at, so I clicked on it. Instead I get the above; Obama has an internet kill-switch.

June 28, 2010 Obama has power over the Internet as of today a US senate committee just approved granting the President power to kill the Internet in a cyber attack with a switch of a button.  These sweeping powers were initiated by Senator Joe Lieberman who in 2008 supported John McCain’s Presidential nomination and worked for Republicans.

Now, this seems like a good idea, don't get me wrong, at least at first glance. The ability to turn off the ability to pirate practically? Maybe. However this seems like extremes for something like pirating the latest Eclipse release, which I believe released today. Not that I'm not shuddering internally.

No, this looks a lot like a blocking off of the biggest exchange of information since the newspaper. With the minds of the public being able to express their opinion through the power of their keyboards and a Wi-Fi connection, this can also look like nothing more then a silencing method. Things get too hot? No worries, just cut off the internet, no one will figure out until it's all over. What is the purpose of this bill? In all actuality, what are they planning to do with it?

Well, after reading Korja's concerns, I decided to do more research into it myself. I first looked at one of his links.

Politicol News

Personally speaking, it doesn't look like a news feed but rather a political commentary blog. Kind of like this place. I give my links, then my opinions... this place... seems to just give opinion. But no matter. Some of the comments within this piece are rather... over the top but still informative on what other people seem to think of this.

"This will bring us one step closer to complete censorship rights for the next phase of those who wish to shut down the internet because it has immense power to relay information and news."
"This gives Obama power over the internet and effectively will shut down commercial business, money transactions, and daily business done on the internet is into the trillions of dollars that will be stopped by one stupid guy with a kill switch.  The true purpose of this law is to shut down critical comments by the individual not a terrorist act."

Extreme words, but the writer has a point;  this can be used as a form of censorship. "You don't agree with my policies? Well, don't pass your views to anyone else."

It's amazing the amount of changes happening as of late. Let's just see what happens when this bill goes to the senate's floor.
Well, today's blog post is a shout-out to a special friend of mine. His name is Mike. He apparently feels bitter about me not updating my blog. Something about that being the only source of political information he gets. The poor man, he's ignorant! I'm a teacher. -pose-

And what better way to restart the blog then to commentate on G-20. G-20 was hosted in my homecity. It was also the first time that I've been in downtown Toronto by relying on transit, other then a quick hop from Union Station to the CN Tower for my New Years date with the love of my life. Kay, well, I can say that it was my first time alone. Diving into the belly of the beast that was the G-20 blockades.

Oooooooooooh boy.

Well, let's give a bit of back-history on the subject. The Group of Twenty, commonly known as the G-20, was created in 1999. The mission? "To bring together systemically important industrialized and developing economies to discuss key issues in the global economy." (Thank you for this quote from the official G20 website.) Essentially, a bunch of world leaders, finance ministers and so on and so forth decided to group up and have a chit-chat about the global economy. I have to imagine that the financial crisis of the last year was a hot topic. Thanks to the G-20 website, I can provide a list of the participants. These include, but are not limited to:

    * Argentina
    * Australia
    * Brazil
    * Canada
    * China
    * France
    * Germany
    * India
    * Indonesia
    * Italy
    * Japan
    * Mexico
    * Russia
    * Saudi Arabia
    * South Africa
    * Republic of Korea
    * Turkey
    * United Kingdom
    * United States of America

For those curious, the 20th "member" is the European Union, who is represented by the European Central Bank. Coincidentally as a thing of trivia, Canada was the chair from 1999 - 2001. Pretty cool from my perspective.

So the Summit was in Toronto from June 26-27, and the city was in chaos. Traditionally, protests were held in order to get people's voices heard. This ranged all the way from gay rights activists (although, what your sexual orientation has to do with the financial crisis I have no idea) to people protesting that the summit was disrupting day to day life in Toronto.

So this was not a surprise today when I saw a headline in the Globe and Mail.


Harper on the G20: Toronto's pain, the world's gain

... thank you Harper for the martyrdom. You are, as always, an eloquent speaker.

I love some of the quotes in this article. Please note that this is not an attack on Gloria Galloway, who wrote this article beautifully, nor on Harper. It's just a couple of big quotes that came to mind.

"Despite the lock-down of the Canada’s largest city, the wanton destruction by vandals and the hundreds of arrests, Mr. Harper said he believes that “99.9 per cent of Torontonians were very pleased and honoured to have these leaders here and were very hospitable.”"

... hospitable? Perhaps, albeit we had the breath of security down our necks... yes I'd say incredibly hospitable! Who wouldn't be after, what was it...

"G20 arrests surpass 900, making Toronto site of largest mass arrests in Canadian history" -- Stephen Hui, Straight.com
"More than 900 arrests during G20 Summit" -- Don Peat, Toronto Sun

Thank you gentlemen, 900+ arrests. Though this doesn't even blink at the population of Toronto, certainly, I wouldn't exactly say that's 99.9%. That only means that .1% were openly hostile about it, along with thousands more not even caught.

One has to love how the media and the government play down incidents.

Transportation was a bugger, especially public transportation. I happen to love cab drivers in this city; I wish I could remember the name of the one I had to take to get to Pearson on Sunday, but he was very good and very nice.

But here's the lovely thing I don't get. Remember before how there were some who were protesting that the G-20 was too disruptive?


Christ people, common sense.

I'm not against protesting. Far from it. Speak your mind; it's your right. Just remember that next time, you're not only disrupting the cause that your'e protesting against, you're also disrupting the common man. Keep your protests peaceful.

"Sunday was a calmer day than Saturday, when four police cars were set on fire as bands of militant protesters abandoned the peaceful main march and went on a rampage for hours."

That quote from the CBC filled me up with a little bit of alarm and a hint of shame. This was the biggest mass arrest in our history.

C'mon guys. Smarten up.



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